Thursday, April 2, 2009

Honey B

We have a new addition to our family!!!
She is just like having a new baby - just one that lives in the barn...

Her name is Honey B.

She was born last Friday, March 27th.

I guess you could say she is Caitlin's baby and Jeff and I are the doting grandparents.

Her momma, June Bug, isn't able to feed her. June Bug has what is known as a "bad bag". So, we have been bottle feeding Honey B every 4 hours at first and now every 5 hours.
24 HOURS A DAY.......

June Bug still takes care of all the bathing and cuddling needs. She is an excellent mother.
By the way, we didn't plan for June Bug to have a baby, but apparently one of the neighbors billy goats thought she was mighty pretty and he found a way to do his thing.

A baby goat can never have ears that are too clean.

And a baby goat will suck even her surrogate momma's face if she thinks it will taste good.
I would have to say that Honey B has the three of us right where she wants us.
The best thing - she sleeps in the barn instead of a crib!!!!!!

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Cheese Lady said...

honey B is so cute! I was at Mo's site and had to come check out your new baby.