Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And life goes on...

I still am in a major funk over losing my sweet baby. But, as life goes on, we had twin girls born to our Coco on Sunday morning. They seem to be doing well and Coco is taking care of them. She does require some milking because the girls both like to suck on the same side. Caitlin is making sure that is taken care of. While they aren't the same joy to me as Honey, it is nice to have new babies. Caitlin has named them Luna (Harry Potter) and Delilah. Coco is her goat and the babies will be hers too. I will post photos later of the new girls. We also have several piles of kittens around here, so I will try to take some pics of them too.

Still with my head under the pillow,


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