Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So this first photo is really neat I think. I laid down on my stomach in the living room to try to take some photos of my babies. I was still shooting in black and white from our adventures outdoors. What is it about a cat that will cause them to walk right at you when you are trying to take a photo of them? Anyway, Sasha was a good sport and I like the angle of her photo. I think I did a good job - (patting self on back now).

Taisy was all sacked out under the snowman tree. Her shot has more of the typical cat look - why are you bothering me? I tried to take shots of the other 300 running around with no luck. Even the dog walked over and sat down ON ME when I tried to take her picture. (*&^%%&* animals anyway!
Well, that is the best post you will get from me this evening. My throat hurts and I am going to crawl into bed with all my critters. I have to work tomorrow at the livestock market and even though the office is warm, the sale ring and barn is not. It is 23 degrees right now with a high expected of around 4o tomorrow. Great sore throat weather huh?

I did work on my mo scrap project this evening. It looks pretty good. I only need about 400 more packs of the alphabet stickers to finish it with. I do like the simplicity of my approach on this project. I will try to post photos of what I have so far in the next few days. I may make some of these tiny ones as gifts for the family and Caitlin's friends. By the way, has anyone ever tried to make a brown bag scrapbook - they are fun too. and cheap...



~*~Megan~*~ said...

Thanks for looking at my mini book!! I cannot wait to see yours!!

Brownbag scrapbook--what is that?

Yes I am also an animal lover!! They are my only kids I have and they are my everything!!! Nothing like coming home and them being SO excited to see you!!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Hey... yep... the paper bag book was the one I was talking about when I first learned to "ink". I was so meticulous and worried about perfection with the ink. I have come a long way baby! Maybe we can all do a bag book together! Melanie