Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Photos of the fam - Not an easy task

I asked the kids last Friday to come outside so I could snap a few fall shots for my Mo Scrapbook project. Anyone with kids 12 & 14 know that asking the queen for an autograph would be easier. I did manage to get some pictures for my project - it was easier than I thought it would be considering my subjects..... Caitlin was a total butt and refused to take pictures when I asked. She only came outside because Jonathan agreed so easily and then Jeffie came out to get in on the action. This is a really good pose for her - I would like to break her middle finger!!!! I love black and white photography. These pictures that were taken on a whim, in poor weather and light conditions, and for a scrap project, turned out to be some of the better photos I have taken with my camera.

What you don't see in this photo of Jeffie is that he is strumming Jonathan's guitar and pretending to ignore the fact that I am just about 2 feet away from his face. This was totally a spur of the moment shot.

Here is the second shot of the man child after I switched to black and white. This is such a good photo of Jonathan. For a change, he actually didn't mind taking pictures and he was on his fourth day of being sick.

This is a self portrait of us. We held the camera and snapped and it worked on the first try. That isn't too difficult with a point and shoot - but I don't have a point and shoot. I only have seven chins in this one - instead of the usual ten. I also still have on my scrubs from the hospital. Nothing like hugging up to a bale of hay with the one you love.

Well, that is it for this post - it is after 2am and I need to at least pretend to go to bed. By the way, we have at least an inch of snow on the ground - it is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

I posted again - yeah me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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~*~Megan~*~ said...

love the pictures!!! I am sure you mini book will turn out cute! And do not worry about overing inking... I am sure it will look great!! Cannot wait to see pictures!!