Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Babies!!

Here is the next batch of babies to show off!

Their mama decided to have them in the back of the neighbor's truck.

Fortunately, it wasn't the truck he drives every day.

These babies are both black with white spots under their necks.
One is about twice the size of the other.

This baby is the only orange baby so far. This baby is the
loudest voice among the five.

This baby is special, look no tail!!!!

We have a daddy cat that doesn't have a tail either. We call him Bob and he is wild.

We also have a daddy cat that looks like this baby.

We call him Big Guy, and he is wild.

This is Mama Abby Cat with her babies. She now has them in a basket in our

living room. These pictures were taken about a week ago, they are growing daily.

They are already crawling around and mewing for attention.

Hope you enjoy the kiddos - we have lots more!!!!

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Cheese Lady said...

Cats can have babies in one litter from different DAD's (glad people aren't like that)Cute Cute Kitties!!