Sunday, March 1, 2009

March in like a lion or lamb?

I am not sure, it was okay earlier in the day with some sun. This evening it is very, very windy and cold. I think I will go with lion and we will see if the lamb finishes March.

Isn't March weather interesting, at least in WV. One minute it will snow and then it will be sunshiny and warm the next. Spring is just officially 19 days away!

This is gonna be a busy week - Mon work, jonathan has 4 things, caitlin 2, and they all fall in the same four hour span tomorrow evening. Jeff is off tomorrow - what a blessing!! Tues - both kids have something. Wed is work. Thursday is an early morning event for the kids downtown. Thursday evening Jeff heads back to work and fri - work.

And the biggest of all - WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4TH - JONATHAN BECOMES A TEENAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heaven help us here on John's Creek!


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