Monday, January 5, 2009

Twice in the same...

I can't believe it, I am posting twice in the same week - year- month - hah!..

I was checking out some other blogs and they were talking about getting back into a regular routine after the long holiday break. Boy, I know the feeling. I am a night owl - I went to bed at 7am on Sunday morning. I had to be to work at 8am this morning and yet I still somehow managed. I am having trouble holding my head up now - but it is a shocker that I am even awake. The best thing about staying up later is that I get to sleep later tomorrow. Then I have to get up early for work on Wednesday. But I get to sleep in early on Thursday!! Then I have to get up early for work on Friday!! But I get to sleep early on Saturday (if Jeff takes the kids to steer weigh-in), Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday!!!! Then I have to get up early for work on Wednesday - and the cycle continues!!

The kids weren't happy about going back either, but at least they had to take a shower and put on clean clothes!!

So, there it is, two posts in the same week, month, & year! Yeah me!!


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katy said...

I saw your comment on Kristi's site and knew you had to live near. I saw the H. mall on the news and heard the anchor say they wouldn't allow them in with camera's. I'm thinking of going there this weekend just to see the damage myself (and to get out of the house before it snows again.)